Where to Install Porcelain Tile in Your Home

Where to Install Porcelain Tile in Your Home

There are plenty of style and material options when selecting tiles to lay in your home. Whether you’re considering new flooring, backsplash, or countertop options, it’s likely you’ve been trying to source ceramic or porcelain tile in Toronto. This is because unique material like porcelain is durable and modern, and has become one of the most popular tile styles for well-used areas in a home. As an attractive material that can come in various colors and sizes, the biggest question you might have is: where exactly should you install porcelain tile in your home?

If you’re considering tiling multiple areas in your home, and want to infuse some variety, you might wonder where the best place to lay porcelain tile might be. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll explore the top areas where it would be most attractive and beneficial to place porcelain tile. 

Kitchens & Bathrooms

The most common areas to install porcelain tile are in kitchens and bathrooms. These two rooms have high traffic, so it makes sense to use a material that is strong and won't wear down over time. In addition, porcelain tile is also waterproof, which is perfect for these two moisture-prone rooms. When sourcing porcelain tile in Toronto and choosing options for your kitchen or bathroom, go with larger format tiles, as they will make the space look bigger and more cohesive.  

Entryways & Mudrooms

Another area to consider installing porcelain tile is in entryways and mudrooms. Porcelain tile is resistant to dirt, water and other debris that often meets these floors. This type of tile can also withstand heavy foot traffic, so it’s perfectly suited for this type of room. When researching porcelain tile in Toronto, consider a color or style that reflects your home's overall aesthetic while also offering functionality such as slip-resistance or easy maintenance features like matte finishes instead of glossy ones.

Outdoor Areas

Porcelain tile isn't just limited to indoor spaces; it can also be used outside. Porcelain tile offers many benefits when used outdoors including resistance to frost and UV rays, as well as its ability to handle extreme temperatures without cracking or breaking down over time. When installing outdoor porcelain tiles, you'll want to select one that has a slip-resistant finish on it since this area may be exposed to rain or snowfall throughout the year. 

Final Thoughts

Porcelain tile is a great option for any area of your home due to its durability and attractive design options. Whether you're looking for something for your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, mudroom, or even an outdoor space such as a patio or pool deck, there are plenty of options available when using this beautiful material. With some research into porcelain tiles in Toronto, and careful consideration, you can find the perfect option that suit your personal style while offering maximum protection from wear and tear over time. The possibilities are endless!

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