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For all of your tile needs, come to the greatest tile supplier in the Toronto area at the Tile Shoppe! The Tile Shoppe has wholesale selection of tiles that we sell directly to our loyal customers, where we have bulk purchase discounts and direct pricing from the manufacturer! We offer quality tiles, from ceramic tiles to porcelain tiles, to make your home look its best at low prices you won’t find anywhere else!

Direct Sourcing

Here at The Tile Shoppe, you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for your preferred selection of tile as we have huge whole sale selection at your disposal! 

We Sell Direct to Consumers

While some of our competitors sell exclusively to contractors, The Tile Shoppe sells quality tile directly to the consumers for a more personable experience. 

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We want you to leave The Tile Shoppe from any location feeling satisfied from what you just purchased and from the refined customer service you received from our staff! 

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Once you purchase from our online store, you can expect to pick up your new flooring items in an accelerated amount of time as not to disrupt your day!

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Let's Design Together

We are dedicated to helping our customers make the imperative decisions about the tiles and designs they want for their flooring. Our adept team can assist you in weighing out the pros and cons of vinyl and ceramic flooring alike, so you can easily decipher what flooring is most suitable for your home.

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Here at The Tile Shoppe, we pride ourselves on our extensive tile selection, where there is something for every homeowner! With a vast amount of designs on tile that can include porcelain, ceramic, glass, and marble, you will be able to find exactly what you need with ease. Our proficient and adept team members at The Tile Shoppe can assist you with finding tile types that align with your budget, and we can also offer decorative ideas for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes to enhance your abode! With the best tile wholesale selection in Toronto, we are dedicated to giving you an abundance of tiles that will amplify the look of your property!

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Among our extensive collection of tiles is the ever-popular stone tile! This particular tile resonates with homeowners and residential property owners because stone tile is incredibly durable, low-maintenance, and suitable for any lifestyle. The natural stone we offer at The Tile Shoppe will prove to be advantageous for aesthetic reasons and practicality as it can be used in any area of the home, including the bathroom, kitchen, and backyard. With the compelling features of stone tile, it will certainly revamp the appearance of any home!

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Wood & Laminate

At The Tile Shoppe, we only have the best quality tile materials in stock, which includes our laminate and wood tiles. Laminate and wood are an in-demand choice for consumers because of how affordable they are compared to other, more pricey tiles. Laminate and wood are notoriously hard-wearing and will endure high-traffic areas within the home as they are scratch and water-resistant. More so, laminate and wood have the innate ability to emulate the appearance of timber and natural wood but at half the cost! Be sure to get your stock of laminate and wood tiles at The Tile Shoppe to revitalize your property today! 

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Vinyl flooring has become a popular choice among home and property owners, and for a good reason! Sold in abundance here at The Tile Shoppe, vinyl flooring is advantageous for any homeowner seeking a durable and versatile new flooring to install! Vinyl flooring will be a worthy contender to purchase due to its water-proof planks that are perfect for any kitchen or bathroom and its well-regarded low-maintenance qualities. When you seek out your vinyl tiles at The Tile Shoppe, you will have various design options to choose from to customize your property the way you’ve always wanted! 

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Contractors, interior designers, architects and other construction related professionals can join our Tile Shoppe Pro program to receive exclusive pricing at our showrooms and online.

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In what locations can I find The Tile Shoppe?
You can find The Tile Shoppe in several locations within Ontario, including Concord/Vaughan, Mississauga, and Scarborough/Toronto! Visit us today at any of these locations and find any type of tile you’re looking for!
What products does The Tile Shoppe sell?
You can acquire a number of tiles from our extensive selection that includes porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, marble, vinyl, engineered hardwood, and laminate!
Can I buy these materials online?
Yes! The Tile Shoppe provides an online store to all of our customers that allows them to order a certain flooring online, which can be picked up at any of our locations for your utmost convenience!