Know the Inheritance Properties of Stone Tiles before Installing on Floor

Stone tile is naturally worthwhile for flooring works as it refers to different mountain-born materials such as slate, marbles, limestone, and travertine. Though all the materials own somewhat different inheritance properties, it is imperative to understand the properties of each stone material so as to identify the best one for the flooring works.

Here the write-up highlights some key characteristics that you should understand before you purchase your choice stone tiles.

Absorption ratingAbsorption rating of a stone tile is one of the key properties that define how enduring and resistance to stain it is. The more rating it has, the more exposed to stain or structural damages it is. 

Coefficient of friction: If you are planning to select stone tiles for your bathroom or for those places which are prone to slippery, you should essentially think of this measure. Coefficient of friction defines how slippery your select tiles are.

OxidationStone tiles are developed under the earth over several years, and the materials get several despairing properties over the period. Some stones include iron that can start degrading if exposed to moist weather conditions.

So, three key aspects mentioned above are worth vital to consider before you access a retailer in the market. In addition to these three properties, grade is another one that the retailer uses to define the category of stone tiles.