The Best Ways to Use Glass Tile in Your Home

Use of Glass Tile in Toronto

Redecorating your home with tiling can be an exhilarating and expansive route to transform a room completely. Glass tile, in particular, is a versatile material that is visually appealing with a multitude of customization options for homeowners to choose from. Many property owners opt for glass tiles as they are more impervious to water than other flooring alternatives and are suitable to install in many rooms of the home where water exposure is aplenty. Because there are so many different design options when you have glass tile in Toronto at your disposal, you can accessibly adopt innovative methods to use tile in your home in a complementary way. 

Discover new ideas so you can make the best use of glass tile around a variety of areas within your home! 

Kitchen backsplash

Make the heart of your home complete by installing a new kitchen backsplash with glass tiling. Glass tiling can come in different colours and textures, which makes curating a backsplash in your kitchen a way to get creative by showcasing your personality and style. A kitchen backsplash accentuates the area you cook in and can become the focal point in a room always occupied by household members, family, and friends. 


You can easily revitalize your living room by installing decorative glass tiling around your fireplace. While a fireplace is already a fixture that will garner attention, you can really make it pop in colour and style with glass tiling. You can choose from placing the glass tile around the breast of the chimney or implementing the glass on the wall above the fireplace itself. With glass tile, you can use patterned and mosaic tile around the chimney to adopt a modern appearance in your living room or easily aim for a style more timeless with just solid colours. 

Accent wall

If there is a room in your home that is subdued in comparison to the other area, you can remedy this by incorporating an accent wall consisting of aesthetically pleasing glass tile. Using vibrant colours that are available with glass tile can help you refresh an entire room and can be a starting point for how you want the rest of the room to look. For example, if you implement a trendy green glass tile onto your wall, you can base your decor items around this colour and breathe new life into the room. 

Bathroom revamp

A bathroom can easily become a dreary sore spot in a house when not aesthetically maintained. Still, remodelling can be as easy as installing glass tile on the floors, shower, or bathtub. As aforementioned, glass tile will not deteriorate from water exposure and is resistant to mould and mildew growth–making it the perfect tile for the bathroom. More so, this tile can also give your bathroom and shower more colour, and you'll be able to establish a complementary focal point in the room.


Use in bedroom

When you're remodelling your home, be sure not to neglect your bedroom. You can add more texture and colour to your bedroom through the installation of glass tile alongside the wall behind your bed. You can incorporate the colours already on the walls and modify the appearance of your room with a sleek and contemporary design with the help of glass tile in Toronto

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