Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertop Material

For someone with a unique taste, choosing a kitchen countertop can be a tedious task. There are way many factors to consider. This is because you are making a long-term investment. Selecting the wrong kitchen countertop material won’t offer you the desired kitchen appearance. Besides, you may end up replacing the countertop frequently, and that’s very expensive.

Find a good fit

Lifestyle and presence of kids and pets must be taken into account when selecting a kitchen countertop. If you know you will be making jelly sandwiches or peanut butter on your kitchen countertop, it would be unwise to go for a white one.

You should also think about the dominant colors in your kitchen as you make this choice. If the initial idea was to have an airy feel in the kitchen with light colors on the walls and roof, you would need a countertop that won’t visibly fall out of character.

The options you have

Just like most other home improvement products, kitchen countertops come in hundreds of hues, textures, and costs. That means that you just can’t miss one that perfectly suits your specifications. Do not settle for an option that you are not fully comfortable with. If you are looking for a certain look that you eventually find combined with a material that doesn’t match your lifestyle, search on. There is always one that has both the color and material of your choice.


Granite is arguably the most popular choice of countertop material. It is available in multiple shades of black, white and more. If you’re looking for a specific hue to complement your kitchen, you may want to take a picture of the kitchen for side-by-side comparison.

Type of finish may also be an important aesthetic factor. Granite is available in polished and honing finishes.  The former is shiny and smooth-looking while the latter is soft and matte. The specific type and origin of granite, color, and finish may all be used to determine the cost of a kitchen countertop.

Stone countertops

Other natural materials include limestone, soapstone, and marble, all of which are softer and more fragile than granite. All stone countertops must be used with care to prolong their lifespan. Also, they will need to be sealed once in a while.

You might want to consider engineered stone over natural stone if you’re looking for durability, ease of maintenance and a wider spectrum of shades.

Concrete countertops

Concrete countertops are available in trowel, ground and pressed finishes. Note that this type of countertop must be installed by a professional.

Wood countertops

Wood is unparalleled if you’re looking for that old-fashioned and warm feel in your kitchen. They are easy to maintain and clean but require occasional sealing to retain their original texture and look.


Arguably the most affordable material on the market, laminate comes in a range of shades and colors. It scratches relatively easily and can be damaged by heat but delivers just as well as granite and marble in aesthetics.