Which Tile is Better in My Home: Porcelain or Ceramic?

Home Tiling: Ceramic or Porcelain Tile in Toronto

Getting new tile flooring and countertops can be an exciting way to breathe new life into your home. Although you may have an overwhelming amount of tiling to choose from, many homeowners opt for porcelain or ceramic tiling due to their durability and their shared ability to complement any room. Both ceramic and porcelain parallel in their wide selection of colours and textures and their distinct sleek appearance. But their similarities may prompt a question for homeowners: what material will work best in the interior of a home?

Learn more about ceramic and porcelain tile in Toronto, how they differ, and their advantages and disadvantages to help you weigh your options clearly and decisively. 

Ceramic tile 

Ceramic tile consists of coarse clay and kaolin clay and is fired at a lower temperature than porcelain. While ceramic tile can be susceptible to moisture damage, this can be partially remedied if you get your ceramic tile glazed. This particular tile is popular with homeowners in a warm climate as ceramic can feel like a relieving cool touch when installed on a floor. 

Pros and cons of ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is more affordable to purchase per square foot than porcelain, and the installation process is much easier. Ceramic can also look compelling on the floor of any room and on the countertops in your kitchen and washroom, where homeowners can choose from a wide selection of colours and textures to best represent their aesthetic. And while these benefits are certainly attractive, it should be noted that ceramic is more fragile than porcelain because it easily absorbs moisture, and when cracked, it can show through the applied glaze. Because of this, ceramic should not be used in parts of the home that attracts a high amount of moisture and foot traffic. 


Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is consistent with a dense type of kaolin clay that is much finer than the kaolin clay used in ceramic. Unlike ceramic, porcelain is fired at high temperatures and is much more fine-grained tile. Since its conception, porcelain tile has remained popular amongst homeowners because it's impervious to moisture. Further, homeowners often prefer porcelain tile as its appearance can emulate other, more expensive and natural-looking tiles, such as stone and marble. 

Pros and cons of porcelain tile

In every single way, porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic. Porcelain can withstand heavy foot traffic and moisture in a home without sustaining explicit signs of damage. Porcelain also has a wide range of customizable options that will allow you to match your new tile flooring or countertops with the rest of your home. But with the compelling benefits that porcelain tile has also come some drawbacks. Porcelain tile can be costly on two fronts–purchasing the material per square foot and installation. Because installing porcelain in your home can be quite challenging to do yourself, it is advised to hire a professional that will cost you. 

Differences and conclusion

Ceramic and porcelain tile in Toronto may seem like interchangeable materials to some homeowners, but how they diverge show that this is an incorrect notion. While porcelain is more expensive, durable, and can easily imitate other tiling materials, ceramic is extremely affordable, cool to the touch, but susceptible to damages caused by moisture and high foot traffic. Because each tile offers a set of assets, choosing one tile depends on what a homeowner prefers and requires for their home. If you have the money to hire a professional to install your tile and desire the floor in any room to appear as a natural stone or marble, acquiring porcelain tile could be in your best interest. On the other hand, if you want to cut costs and live in a sweltering climate, a ceramic tile's cold and inexpensive features could be more suitable for your home! 

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