The Most Popular Marble Designs

Marble tile store in Toronto and popular designs

For a timeless, luxurious, yet natural appearance in any part of your home, marble is the tile to select. Marble has been a popular material to use in many regards since ancient Greece when sculptors, architects and designers alike popularized it. This tile has remained steadfast in its prevalence over the years since Greek art was famously developed, and for a good reason. Marble comes in various colours and compelling designs and has become renowned for its subtle and neutral hues featured in celebrity homes that exude glamour and opulence. Achieving a particular theme and aesthetic can be easily accomplished with marble, which begs the question, what are the most popular marble designs that any homeowner will want to emulate? 

Find out the marble designs that will significantly amplify the rooms, countertops and backsplashes in your home that can be obtained through a marble tile store in Toronto near you!

Marble countertops and walls in the bathroom

Marble is always a preferred material to use in the home where moisture is abundant, as marble will absorb water without enduring damage, which is particularly helpful in the washroom. With marble installed onto the floors and countertops, no matter the hue or design, you can guarantee that your bathroom will appear newly revised and assume a comforting spa-like feel. 


Carrara marble in the living room

Carrara marble is one of the most common marbles to be used and one of the least expensive to purchase, making it favourable among homeowners. For these reasons, Carrara marble will complement the living room with its soft and subdued appearance and can be placed on the floor or as a backsplash around a fireplace. When marble is paired with snug couches and a fashionable rug to keep your feet warm from its cold touch, you can make your living room feel comfortable and inviting. 

Textured marble on your patio

Textured marble will help you curate a particular design that is sleek yet dramatic and is a perfect addition to any outdoor patio. Whether you want to make your textured marble a dark colour paired with vibrant patio furniture or make everything match with monochrome marble with similarly designed decor surrounding it, your newly forged area will be completely revitalized. Any homeowner's patio will be supplemented with the installment of unique-looking marble on countertops or used as a backsplash.  

Polished white marble alongside blue walls 

A marble tile backsplash and countertops are timelessly trendy in a kitchen. Playing with colours and patterns is part of the fun, exhilaration, and intricate portion of designing your kitchen space with marble. One design that can make the heart of your home stand out is by pairing stunning white marble countertops or a backsplash alongside blue walls or cabinetry. This classic and impressive kitchen look will not go out of style any time soon, making marble worth the investment. 

Black and white 

While some may call it a basic look, many homeowners still have a keen liking for a sleek black-and-white kitchen, bathroom, or living room that is heavily dependent on the use of marble tile. Black marble countertops matched with white walls or floors, or vice versa, are a lavish and sophisticated style of room that will ensure that you make the best use of the marble received at your marble tile store in Toronto. 

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