Top 4 Laminate Flooring Trends

Contemporary laminate offers homeowners affordable options that are top performers in both aesthetics and function. Read on for the latest laminate floor trends to identify the one that fits your home design and suits your preference best.

  1. Country style

Country-style laminate gives your home the look of the typical 20th-century interior. All you need to do is find the option that blends in well with your home décor, furniture, and paint. Some like antique heirlooms match with just about any furniture and appliances you already have installed in the room.

  1. Weathered coastal charm

This is one of those floor trends that are proving timeless having remained on the scene for several years on the spin. It exhibits a phlegmatic look and feel that is becoming requisite to most modern homes.

If you are looking for laminate flooring that parades a sea, wind and sun-kissed ambiance, you should try the weathered coastal charm. Also, consider finding an experienced contractor to help with the installation if you want to bring out the true refinement of this laminate flooring option.

For the best outcome, consider aligning it with laid-back furniture choices and décor. That includes neutral color choices for the walls, mats, and hangings.

  1. Reclaimed hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood allows you to achieve the old-home feel without necessarily spending a fortune for it. The flooring materials are obtained from old homes, refurbished in antique shops and offered for new uses. It is a trend that not only reimagines your home in past centuries but also saves you significant amounts of money.

What’s more, you could be lucky to get flooring material that is not available anymore, or that is very rare to find, helping you add a touch of class and uniqueness to your home. You can check with your local antique shop for the available reclaimed building materials or ask them to alert you when they restock. Installation of reclaimed hardwood may require the assistance of a professional contractor who is conscious of its susceptibility to damage.

  1. Hand-scraped surfaces

If you’re looking for flooring material with the best combination of striking looks, durability, and affordability, hand-scraped hardwood might be precisely what you are looking for. Hand-scraped laminate flooring has the contoured surface look and texture with individual planks bearing the subtle scallops, scrapes, and grooves of an artisan’s chisel. It is probably the easiest trend to fit in any budget while still achieving a high level of uniqueness.

More on laminate flooring trends

Other styles include exotic beauty which brings to your home the vibrant colors and unique patterns of exotic tropical species. While some exotic hardwoods may be too costly to fit in tight home remodeling budgets, you can obtain them at surprisingly low prices thanks to laminate.

It should be noted that laminate can be used on walls as well. If you want it both on your floor and wall, you can consult a professional to help you estimate the cost and advise you on the trending options.