Attention-grabbing Fireplace Tiling Ideas

Your home’s fireplace is more than just a focal point of your living room or space it’s in. That has everything to do with its nature and essence and not necessarily its location. Since the fireplace stands out naturally, you may want to turn it into a feature worthy of everyone’s attention. Here are top fireplace attention-grabbing ideas you can try.

Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are attractive, and you can use them in different cool ways to make your fireplace surround look beautiful and connected to nature in a unique way. Depending on your preferences, you can create a modern or rustic, charming fireplace surround using these tiles.

Herringbone tile pattern

Consider spicing things up with fireplace surround tiles arranged in a stunning herringbone pattern. This pattern features zig-zag lines that bring a playful touch to the entire fireplace design and makes it stand out in almost modest manner. Besides, the pattern is reminiscent of rustic interior décor, and this adds coziness to space.

Wood-like tiles

Have you seen some tiles that mimic the look of wood? These tiles can be used to make your floors and walls look warm. They can also be used to create an elegant fireplace surround. Such a fireplace makeover would be simple as most wood-like tiles are big and rectangular, mimicking real wooden planks. Note that these tiles aren’t flammable as wood.

Subway tiles

If eye-catching and fun fireplace surround isn’t what you have in mind, probably something more classical and simpler would be a perfect option for you. In this case, subway tiles would be a better choice. Consider using simple white tiles for an elegant and classy vibe.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile is definitely eye-catching and really cheerful. This is a good thing as fireplaces are designed to stand out in many ways. These tiles come in different color combinations, sizes, materials, and patterns. Depending on your preferences and current interior décor, find an option that works perfectly for your home and fireplace.

Glass Tiles

Currently, these tiles are commonly used in bathrooms, pools, and spas. Glass tiles are also known to boost the aesthetic value of kitchens and fireplace surround. Note that these tiles are elegant and are available in all sorts of colors. They also come in varying shapes and sizes. So, focus on choosing glass tiles that best suit your fireplace surround décor requirements.

Porcelain Tiles

You are not limited to any particular type of fireplace surround tiles, and that means you can use any tile that pleases you. Porcelain tiles are common and can make any space within your home very attractive. They come in different patterns, sizes, and colors, making them a prime candidate for your fireplace makeover project.


You can never go wrong with marble. It’s always an elegant, timeless, versatile material that can be used in an infinite number of options in interior décor. You can use it on kitchen backsplashes, counters, shelves, flooring, and above all, fireplace surround. Use marble tile to update your old fireplace.