For most, floor heating systems are not new words. To those who don’t know what a floor heating system is, it entails providing heat to a room from the floor up to the entire room using either electric systems or water-based systems. Now, the question at hand is not what the systems can do, but rather what type of flooring would work best to ensure the systems serve their purpose satisfactorily.

Below, we provide a list of four types of flooring that suit best over radiant heating systems in your homes or commercial buildings.

Tile flooring

This is first on our list because for starters, it is easier to acquire tiles from your local tile distributor and you have an unlimited amount of variety to choose from when deciding on what type of tile will match your interior. Tiles, especially ceramic and porcelain tiles, will not crack as a result of constant floor expansions and contractions. So you can bet your tiles will last for long and still allow heat to reach its consumers.

Natural stone flooring

Sandstone, travertine, and granite are among some of the natural stones that will conduct heat exquisitely and they will make your home look glam as well. Most of you might be wondering if stone really conducts heat. Well, when you have warm water going under it I bet you will not regret having natural stone over your heating system.

Laminate flooring

This type of flooring replicates the appearance of solid hardwood flooring or a glazed tile flooring if you are looking to skip on the expenses. Just as solid hardwood flooring, laminate floors don’t just expand and contract making them another perfect fit for such kind of a task.

Engineered wood flooring

Like the laminate floors, engineered wood flooring is produced in layers. This allows it to provide a suitable base that doesn’t get affected by the constant expansion and contraction process that occurs in the floors. In short, engineered wood floors will make your home look great, they will wear out really slow and you will have a warm home.

Types of flooring that should be avoided over heating systems

Keep away from wall to wall carpeting or large rugs because as much as they have insulation value, they allow a lot of heat loss. You should also avoid vinyl flooring because the heat from the system may cause the vinyl to discolor or bring about off-gassing of toxic chemicals. Solid hardwood flooring is also another type of flooring that will crack and cup due to the repetitive swelling and shrinkage as a result of all the heating and cooling that will be going on.

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