Travertine tile was firstly favored by the Romans many centuries ago. It has stood the test of time, and even today, this tile is considered a perfect outdoor decoration option. It’s flecked with a broad spectrum of shades, and each of these shades facilitates the creation of unique outdoor patios and other spaces.

Travertine material is a crystallized form of calcium carbonate. Its surface has tiny surface pits and holes, giving it a natural appearance. If you have been wondering whether or not you can use travertine tiles for outdoor decoration, the answer is ‘yes.’ Here is what makes these tiles ideal for outdoor decoration.

They have a natural look and feel

All travertine tiles give any space a more natural look. Compared to other forms of tiles, travertine tile appears to take a more natural look and creates a more pleasant feel outdoors. If the ‘artificial’ or ‘modern’ decoration options aren’t your favorites, you can opt to use travertine tiles to transform your spaces.

Has beautiful variations

Travertine material is a type of stone with many elegant variations. You can utilize these variations for both interior and exterior flooring requirements. Simply choose perfectly matching tile options depending on your desired décor and the design of your home. There is also a wide range of styles and colors from which you can pick what best suits your requirements.

Adds a sense of nature to your home

As mentioned earlier, travertine tile will always bring a natural look to any space it’s used for decoration. Thanks to its unique form, shades, and color, travertine will bring a natural feel to your gardens, yard, or any other outdoor space. Use travertine tiles to create a more natural and modern look within your home.


No property owner wants to use a fragile or less durable material for outdoor decoration. Travertine can stand harsh weather conditions such as prolonged sunshine, high temperatures, rain, moisture, and other weather conditions. Its durability makes it a perfect choice for exterior decoration. This is the reason this tile is used to decorate monument walls, churches, and castles.

Travertine flooring can be installed in different areas within your home

Travertine tiles come in different levels of thickness depending on the tile manufacturer and size. Thicker tiles can be used in patios, driveways, and walkways. These tiles also reflect heat during hot weather, keeping the floor cool. Besides, they rarely discolor or become chalky, making them a perfect option for creating a pool deck.

These tiles can also be used to reface retaining walls. While travertine has a natural variation in color, it remains within a single color palette. This is appealing to property owners in search of a warm, natural-colored retaining wall. Depending on your preferences, you can create a sleek contemporary retaining wall or a rustic, weathered retaining wall.

You can also use travertine tiles to complete the appearance of your retaining wall, patio or pool deck by refacing fronts of their stair trends. Always choose a color that best compliments your design and fits your desires.