Choosing the right flooring material while designing the interior of your home can become such a daunting task for most homeowners. Many individuals have a hard time matching the floor colors and patterns to the furniture or decorations in the home. To help you make a clear and better decision, we have listed some of the common types of flooring materials available, and some of the advantages of using each type of flooring material.

Laminate flooring

This type of flooring is great for those people who appreciate the beauty of stone or wall textures. It does exceptionally well in high moisture areas, and you will not have a lot of trouble maintaining it as it is with stone or wood flooring. If you are looking for something that will not stain or fade in the longest period of time, this will definitely work for you.

Stone flooring

Just as stones are of different kinds, natural stone flooring also comes in varying varieties. You could go for anything from granite, limestone, onyx, clay, pebble, travertine, the list is endless. Whichever type of natural stone you pick, know that you have the advantage of having a long lasting floor that will brighten your room with elegance and style. Such flooring also works great in areas of radiant heat sources like where there is a fireplace, stove or furnace.

Vinyl flooring

Although this type of flooring is synthetic in nature, it works perfectly in achieving that rich, deep, sophisticated look of wooden floors. Especially now that the vinyl manufacturers are focusing on improving their manufacturing processes you will find many colors and patterns available for use. Vinyl will last for a long period of time free from scratches and damages. It will also save you a lot of expenses, especially if you are looking for something to begin with as it is very cost effective.

Tile flooring

You will need professional installers to get the work done for you but other than that, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the kind of tile you want. For example, you could get a crackled mosaic ceramic tile for your home entry area, or you could go for a glazed 3*3 hexagon 3D  mosaic tile for your bedroom floors. Whatever choice you make, make sure to visit Tile Shoppe for an unlimited variety of tiles to make both your floors and walls look stunning. With tiles, life becomes simpler as they are much easier to clean and maintain, and they can last for a longer period without getting damaged. Consider having them near radiant heat source areas as they work just as good as stone floors in resisting heat.

Cork flooring

Unlike the other kinds of flooring, cork flooring is eco-friendly in nature. Manufacturers make it by peeling off trees bark and using those contents to make an insulated flooring. It will naturally keep the house warm and proportionately soundproof. Cork floors are simple to clean and are great resistors to abrasion, and due to being anti-allergenic in nature, they resist insects as well.

This is just a bit of knowledge to help you make a decision on what type of flooring you should choose for your home. Make sure to visit Tile Shoppe for an unlimited variety of flooring products.