Tiles are an amazing option to consider when you are looking to spice up your dull walls and floors. They are long lasting, very easy to maintain and clean, and they will give your home or residential building a stylish look depending on the colors and type you choose.

When we mention tiles, the first thing that pops up in most people’s minds is ceramic tiles. For some, these are the only type of tiles they are aware of. Though ceramic tiles are a good choice, there other types of tiles you can use depending on the room or space you have to remodel. They include:

Porcelain tiles

As a result of getting fired at high temperatures, porcelain tiles are much thicker and harder than ceramic tiles. For this reason, these tiles can be used on any busy commercial floor or on any floor or wall at home.

They come in two types:

  • Glazed porcelain tiles: Thanks to advancements in technology it is possible to digitally print anything on these tiles. Glazed tiles offer you the chance to reproduce any texture you want on your tile.
  • Unglazed porcelain tiles: Unlike glazed tiles, these don’t offer you the opportunity to print anything on them. Even so, they are perfect for busy retail shops and restaurants as they are strong and resistant to scraping.

Make sure to check out porcelain tiles such as the Emperador, wood look porcelain, Spanish Hexagon at Tile Shoppe to see if there is something that works for you.

Natural stone tiles

There are different kinds of natural stone tiles that can be used for flooring and wall purposes. Such include:

  • Marble: Marbles will never disappoint you. They will give your home a luxurious and exotic look and at the same time, they provide you with various designs to choose from. If you prefer a consistent look like that of the ceramic tile, have a look at the Sienna white marble that is available locally. For a one of a kind color variation marble tile, look through what Tile Shoppe offers to see what fits your needs.
  • Travertine: Compared to other natural stones, travertine costs relatively lower than the rest. It is a type of limestone which requires different coats of sealants as a result of being so soft. Nonetheless, it works great for your kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, and shower mosaic areas perfectly.
  • Ceramic tiles: This is the most common type of tile used in homes, stores, and offices. There is an unlimited variety of ceramic tiles that come in funky shapes and fabulous styles and would make a perfect choice for your floors and walls. These tiles may not be as large or thick as other tiles, but they will surely not disappoint you in areas like the bathroom where you will get a lot of splash backs.

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Unique and Fashionable Ways of Complementing Your Windows

To most home or business owners, the window may be one of the most ignored parts in the building. Most people fail to see the importance of the window as they assume it’s not a key factor in enhancing the appearance of the house or building. Little do such people know what a game changer the window is to the entire interior look of the house or building.

A window is one of the parts used on a daily basis to block or deliver sunlight and air to the interior. Therefore, it is paramount for you to change the perspective you have towards the window by acknowledging its importance. It’s also advisable for you to seek ways to transform your entire interior appearance by checking out these simple ways you can make your home or building look dazzling through changes on the windows.

So how do you compliment your windows? Simply by getting yourself the newest types of blinds and shutters available at Tile Shoppe, you will easily achieve that luxurious look in the room in no time.


Blinds are very popular at blocking light, they allow for privacy, and they are excellent at assisting in temperature moderations. For many window blind users, it’s the clean linear appeal that fascinates them the most, especially when used in the living or dining room areas to give off that Spartan appearance.

To get the most out of the window blinds, it is necessary to match the window frames to the window blinds. For example, if you purchase the Visionelle sheer vertical wraps, we suggest installing a wooden box or metal rod that matches the blind in order to achieve a completely modern and fashionable look.

Customers can also purchase panel track system blinds like the Romanelle track system which is available in coordinating styles and goes with many fantastic assortments of fabric.

Remember that window blinds are adjustable so you can always enhance the appearance of the blind with just a bit of creative imagination and a blend of fabulous fabric choices.


One can use window shutters in both the interior and exterior of the window structure. They consist of a frame with vertical stiles and horizontal rails and are great in transforming the look of the house. They provide the same benefits as the window blinds and can also be used to cover doors as well.

At Tile Shoppe, you will get a variety of shutters to choose from. They are several types of shutters that suit different kinds of customers’ needs. Some of these include the Polysatin shutters or the Grandeur Wood alloy shutter with the Nu Tech Finish among many others.

If you are looking for a modern, fashionable look, or are seeking to adopt a Roman theme for your living room just check through the products at Tile Shoppe to get to see what suits your needs.