The time to say goodbye to your old bathroom vanity has come and you are worried where you will find a modern vanity that functions as well as your worn out one. Firstly, don’t allow this to be a distressing time because we have some information that may help you find the most suitable replacement. Unlike the traditional vanities, modern vanities come with a sink holder as well as a storage space for your personal stuff. On top of saving you on space, they look absolutely amazing and would really be a game changer to your bedroom’s overall appearance. Due to this reason, we find it paramount to have you know what type of vanities you can get and many other interesting facts you ought to know before you get yourself a bathroom vanity.

Factors to consider before selecting a vanity

The first thing you should consider before purchasing a vanity is its parts. Make sure that it can stand up to the levels of moisture in the bathroom. This could involve bringing in new connectors, sink support mechanisms as wells as seals to ensure that you will install something that withstands the humidity levels in the bathroom.

Also, think through if you want a vanity that has a back or not. It is advisable to get a vanity with a back because it saves you the trouble of having to remove an entire vanity once moisture gets between the floor and the cupboard portion of the vanity. Investigate what type of texture you would want on your vanity’s counter. You can pick from granite, marble or particle board. Particle board is basically very cheap and won’t last for long. Marble is the best choice overall while granite is not a bad option either.

Benefits of choosing the right vanity

Bathroom vanities don’t just conceal the sink’s trap, they also offer you storage and counter space as well. When properly installed, the vanity is capable of supporting all your bathroom activities effectively which helps you reduce bathroom clutter.

You can never forget the prime factor, space. Getting the right vanity also means considering the size of your bedroom. You will gain so much when you find a vanity that fits well in your bathroom space. It will allow you to move freely in the bathroom as well as leave space to accommodate other activities.

Common problems that arise from having a bathroom vanity

Leaving gaps between the floor and the vanity will allow mildew and mold to damage your cabinet. You have to ensure to call in a professional to customize the vanity in order that the installation process is complete and successful. When shopping for a vanity, chances are that you will come across sink basins made from toughened glass. However wonderful this may be, your sink could one day come shattering down in tiny chunks as a result of the high impact. So better to have a porcelain sink instead.

Vanities available for you

  • You have a variety of options when it comes to bathroom vanities. You could get the:
  • Sonata Espresso vanity mirror
  • Sonata white vanity set with double sink Carrara marble top counter
  • A Sonata Espresso vanity set with beige marble countertop
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