Tiles are a perfect fit for kitchens. They are hard, water resistant, stain resistant and certainly long-lasting. We can’t fail to mention how beautiful a kitchen looks once you have tiles laid out on the floors and walls. In order to achieve such a kitchen, you need proper planning and clear decision making. When it comes to picking out the right kitchen tile, you have three options to choose from. You can either choose between stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Porcelain floor tile

Unlike the ceramic tile, porcelain tile has clay mixture combined with sand then put through more heat and pressure to bring out a dense, less porous tile that beats the regular ceramic tile by far. The porcelain tile works amazingly in a couple of areas and you can have it for your outdoor verandah, in kitchens and shower room areas. Whichever room you decide to have porcelain tile set up, remember you can have them glazed or unglazed.

With the unglazed tile, you will notice that it has colors and markings running all through it. This is a good thing because it conceals abrasion and scratch marks on the tile. The glazed porcelain tile is much different and it has a colored surface that appears to have a glass-like coating. This will make your room have a more elegant and advanced look.

The popular ceramic floor tile

This specific tile achieved popularity as a result of its appealing aesthetics and durability. When it comes to ceramic tiles, a glazed ceramic tile is the best choice as it averts stains, dirt, and odors. You will also certainly have an easy time cleaning the floor because all you need is a wet mop damped in soapy water.  Apart from the above reasons, here are some other reasons why you need ceramic tiles for your kitchen floors:

  •         They come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and patterns
  •         They don’t burn or emit poisonous fumes
  •         They don’t accumulate moisture making them free from mold

Stone tile

When talking about the stone tile, we are referring to those tiles that are made to replicate natural stone properties. These types of tiles represent a certain sense of fashion and class that brings out a luxurious look to the kitchen area. When it comes to choosing a natural stone tile it is wise to understand what properties it has. Like in the case of slate floor tiles, you will get durable floors that are resistant to scratches and cracks. Such properties among others allow this to be a perfect choice for the kitchen.

To ensure that you find the tile that matches your kitchen, make sure to understand the floor tile properties. This will help you make the proper choice when it comes to selecting the tile that matches your kitchen. To get these and other modern designs of tiles, visit Tile Shoppe where you will find a variety of choices and high-quality products.