Are you in the middle of renovating your bathroom? Perhaps you should consider replacing the tiles. New tiles can give your bathroom a completely updated look. This time, choose tiles that will complement the rest of the bathroom design, are easy to maintain and durable. We’ll help you figure out which tiles are best for your newly updated bathroom.

Start with the main tile design

First things first, you need to settle on the tile you must have. Forget about the unique accent tile that you want to place on one side of the wall. Think of the main tile that will cover the most part of the bathroom. This will give you a good starting point for the rest of the tiles you will select for your bathroom design.

Avoid choosing more than three different tiles

You’ll probably need to settle for more than one tile design but try and avoid picking more than 3 different tiles especially if you have a small bathroom. Too many tile designs will make the bathroom look cluttered and busy. If you find a unique colour or pattern that you like, use it as the focal point of your bathroom design. Try and combine a plain tile with a more interesting colour and pattern. It’s good to add interest and character to your bathroom design by thinking out of the box when it comes to tiling.

Select one show stopper

Choose a tile design that is uniquely beautiful to add drama and grab people’s attention in the bathroom space. Whether it’s a tile that has a unique pattern or a different colour, make sure you choose only one accent tile. These tiles are often pricey, so you can choose a small section of the bathroom to install them. The focal point can be the back of the shower or over the tub where the special tiles are installed.

Consider tile maintenance

Not all tiles are easy to maintain so you need to be aware of the product’s maintenance demands before you dive in. wet areas such as the tub and shower can have serious maintenance needs, so you want to choose tiling that’s designed with superior water-resistant features. Porcelain tiles are a great idea for these areas because they are virtually maintenance free. You may also go for glazed ceramic tiles which need to be sealed to last for years.

If you choose tiles made from materials like natural stone for your bathroom, be ready to put in lots of maintenance. This material needs regular sealing to last. Think of other factors such as ease of cleaning. Some tiling materials are easy to keep hygiene especially in spaces like the bathroom that are prone to bacteria. Don’t be afraid to go for other less common options such as glass tile which is a good idea for one of the walls or as an accent tile in a section of the bathroom. Whatever you choose, make sure it works well with the rest of the room.