Ceramic tiles offer you loads of possibilities in terms of design, textures, and patterns. If you want to create a warm, inviting and stunning environment, we recommend installing ceramic tiles. These tiles are known for their durability and simple maintenance. We’ll go over a few pros of ceramic tiles to give you confidence that you’ve selected a great option.

Easy to customize

If you’re looking for tiles that can be customized into anything you like, ceramic rules. Ceramic tiles offer you extreme flexibility in terms of design especially if you intend to use them for decoration. You can choose different colours, decorative patterns, textures and sizes of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles can even be designed to mimic the look and feel of natural stone. You can have the tiles finished with a rugged surface with different colour variations to give the room a unique character. The design options are endless with ceramic tiles so be rest assured that there’s something for everyone.

Water resistant

When glazed, ceramic tiles can withstand water and stain damage. The glazed tiles have a protective layer that prevents the material from being exposed to water. In fact, if you’re thinking of installing ceramic tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, you will either purchase the glazed tiles or get the unglazed tiles then properly seal them to prevent water penetration. Sealing the grout that’s in between the ceramic tiles is also important as it helps prevent water penetration that causes damage. If water finds its way under the tiles through the grout lines, it weakens the installation and causes mould growth. Sealing helps to prevent this.

Extremely tough and durable

When you invest in ceramic flooring, be sure that it will last you for up to 20 years depending on how well it’s maintained. The tiles can crack when exposed to heavy impact, but you can replace the affected tiles in a simple way.

Easy to maintain

Ceramic tiles are quite easy to maintain. It explains why it’s a popular flooring option in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom where stains, spills, and dirt are common. You can easily wipe or mop away any dirt or stains on the tiles leaving it sparkling clean. You’ll need to sweep or vacuum with a soft brush to keep the floor nice and clean. Although heavy duty cleaning agents are not recommended on most floor tiles, ceramic is able to withstand most of them.

It’s affordable

If you compare ceramic tiles to other flooring options such as porcelain, you’ll realize that it’s a lot cheaper. The tiles will cost anything from $5 – $10 per square foot. Once installed, the ceramic floor tiles can add value to the property. This depends on how well and where it is installed.

When it comes to installation, ceramic tiles are best laid by a professional. They can be hard and heavy to install which makes the entire process time-consuming. Furthermore, poor installation can cause problems down the line.