Nothing rivals the appearance of wood floor finishes. Wood is that floor finish that easily transforms a boring and dull house by giving it that classic fine look with a splash of elegance. As much as hardwood flooring makes for an amazing finish, selecting the right fit has oftentimes proven difficult for most buyers. Some do not know which type of wood to choose, while others can’t point out which wood species goes well with their interior colors.

The information below covers everything you need to know about hardwood flooring to help you have an easy time when you shop. Feel free to visit Tile Shoppe for the complete floor finish shopping guide.

Types of hardwood

There are two types of hardwood flooring (solid wood flooring and engineered wood floors) and the best fit for you depends on the intended area of installation. A solid wood floor consists of natural solid pieces of wood and it is ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, living/family rooms, powder, and kitchen rooms. In contrast, manufacturers make engineered wooden floors using multiple wood veneer layers. The factory process ensures that this type of wood is very dimensionally stable. It is best suited for the basement, slab, or any other room above, below, or on grade.

Hardwood species

For you to possess the finest hardwood species for your house, you will have to match your personal preference with your budget and style. Most experienced sellers will tell you that there are more than 50 imported and domestic wood flooring species available locally. It is, therefore, important to realize the exact species you desire. For a light finish style, go for maple or ash. Those who prefer darker patterns will surely be delighted with mahogany or walnut. Species like oak and hickory have a medium color, which is suitable for anyone who doesn’t want a bright or dark finish.

Site-finished floor vs. factory-finished floor

Whether you ought to buy factory-finished wood flooring or site-finished wood flooring depends on the preferences you have and the customization level you want to achieve. The benefits that come with a site-finished floor include unlimited customizing ability, while the major disadvantage is the disruption, dust, and noise that inevitably occurs in your home.

Although a bit pricier than site-finished floors, factory-finished floors do not generate any dust or noise during installation and you can use them immediately after installations.

Sheen finish

With every site-finished wood floor installations, Tile Shoppe experts will apply a protective layer of sheen as part of the final touches. You can choose to have gloss finishes (offering the most shine), semi-gloss finishes (offering some shine), or matte/satin finishes (offering the least shine). Factory-finished floors have sheens applied away from the site, which means you do not have control over the kind of sheen applied.

The pointers above should help you get a great deal when shopping for hardwood finishes. For a variety of hardwood floor finish colors and other floor finishes, visit