The fireplace and its chimney breast are a focal point to any room within your home. If you own an old property, the chances are that you have the original fireplace in situ. For those who are lucky enough, the fireplace is in pristine condition with top-grade William De Morgan inspired tile down each side, and probably unmarked hearth clad in beautiful Victorian tile.

Unfortunately, such fireplaces were created and painted in the 1960s and 1970s, and most of them were replaced with modern gas or electric equivalents. Here are tips to help you use tile to transform your fireplace.

Fireplace tile: Achieve your desired fresh look

An effective way to infuse your home with a beautiful, traditional look is to tile your fireplace. Choose the right tile type, design, and color or pattern. Get a professional to install the tiles as tiling a fireplace isn’t an easy task even for the DIY enthusiasts.

Fireplace tile variety: Pick the right tile

Choosing the right fireplace tile is a daunting task given the variety of tiles available in the market. Due to the vertical installation of fireplace tiles, they will be very visible, and so, you must choose excellent pieces that compliment the design and décor of the entire room. Here are some of the aspects to consider when picking the tiles.

  • Art: Art tiles are usually sculpted. Their unique designs are often lifted from established architectural styles and historical homes. For instance, you can find beautiful fireplace tiles featuring early 20th-century craftsman and art designs. Use these tiles sparingly and limit them to key areas around your fireplace.
  • Profile: Different fireplace tiles have a varying chair rail or even crown molding look. If you choose 3D fireplace tiles and you want your fireplace to look right, ditch those DIY tips you have been practicing; hire a professional.
  • Manmade vs. natural tile: Note that there are natural and manmade fireplace tiles out there. Both are equally good when it comes to transforming your fireplace. However, if you need a high-end fireplace, it’s advisable to pick the natural tile such as marble or terrazzo tiles.
  • Price: Cost is always a crucial aspect that must be considered when handling any home improvement project. Well, tiling a fireplace is a small project, but if you want to achieve your desired fireplace look you must plan for it. Natural tile such as marble tiles are expensive and installation is costly too. Therefore, pick and install what best suits your budget.

Fireplace tiles can be natural stone, glass, ceramic or something more exotic including embossed copper or tin tiles. Your choice will be determined by your preferred material, cost, color, and other factors. It’s advisable to research various tile genres and textures and check samples before placing any order.

Remember, some fireplace tile distributors only keep a few samples of each tile type. That means they need some time to place an order for a box or more of your preferred fireplace tile. Thus, you should place an order in time and allow the distributor enough time to avail your desired fireplace tiles.