Excellent Tile Ideas for your Kitchen

When you think of the great moments in kitchen design, they are often centered around marble countertops, impressive appliances, great kitchen cabinetry, and more. Don’t you think tiles can bring a new aesthetic feel to your kitchen?

Tile is among the most sought-after and popular materials in the home improvement industry. Property owners desire it, and interior designers are continuously crafting new ways to display it. In fact, it’s perfect for the kitchen as it holds up against all stains, spills, and other forms of messes. Here are top tile ideas for your kitchen.

1. Super sleek tile

Add a sleek and modern twist to your kitchen space with shiny, sleek tiles. You can choose your preferred colors but sleek and white doesn’t equal boring. Indeed, smooth and glossy surfaces can bring elegance and great texture to your space. For instance, a sleek, vibrant kitchen backsplash paired with great wooden cabinets and probably a dark countertop is considered a practical way of brightening up kitchen space. You can also draw more attention to the tile by using an under cabinet lighting.

2. Trendy tile shapes

When shopping for kitchen tile, consider all the different sizes and shapes available. Rectangular or large square tile creates a unique style on your kitchen floor, countertops, and walls. Before you choose your preferred tile color, it’s wise to decide if the tile shape is the primary focus. This way, you can either choose dark or light colors depending on how the tile shape will influence the rest of the kitchen design.

3. Designs and patterns

Different tile shapes, outlines, and patterns are an essential element to be incorporated in any kitchen design. You don’t need many designs and patterns to make a difference but knowing what you need for your kitchen makes it easier for you pick unique decorations that add character and color at a low cost.

Patterns are an exciting kitchen tile option, and with the right touches, they can shift a scheme from conventional to stunning. It’s also wise to incorporate perfectly contrasting aspects to normalize the kitchen space by adding a subtle backsplash.

4. Combine countertops and walls

If you are daring or want to make everything easy, run your countertop tile design up the wall as a backsplash. A continuous kitchen design draws the eye upward and is an effective way of making your ceiling appear higher.

Combining your kitchen countertop décor with the walls is simple and cost-effective. In case you’re not comfortable with your backsplash being the same as the countertop, you can consider running the same kitchen countertop material up a few inches.

5. Vibrant Contrast

Choose bold tile color that creates contrast against your kitchen cabinets and floor. Depending on your favorite colors, choose patterns, shapes, and designs can create your desired kitchen look.

When it comes upgrading a kitchen using tile, it’s wise to think outside the box and look for ideas that can pull you out of your comfort zone. Any of the tile ideas discussed here can help you transform your kitchen.