Despite it being a bit expensive than other types of flooring, hardwood has become an almost automatic choice for many homeowners. People are willing to spend some few extra bucks in order to enjoy the durability, class, warmth, and versatility that comes with a hardwood floor. Averagely, each homeowner spends about $4,396 for the full installation of hardwood floors, which is quite fair considering all the benefits one gets from this type of flooring. In fact, it is advisable for home sellers to install hardwood flooring to increase their house appeal and value.

For those looking to install hardwood flooring, below is the comprehensive cost guide.

Cost per square foot

For a hardwood-flooring project, you have to budget for many factors. This includes cost per square foot (materials and installations) which is one of the biggest considerations you will have to make. It is important that we look at costs for both the engineered and the traditional hardwood floors so that you understand the potential costs for hardwood installation.

Traditional wood flooring costs

If you go for the traditional wood floor, you are most likely to get planks measuring 7 inches (or more), or narrow boards (3 inches wide or less). The cost incurred for this hardwood highly depends on the wood (type) you choose. For the planks, you are likely to see pricing groups as illustrated below.

  • Low price: This category includes softwoods like pine, and the flooring materials will typically cost you $0.99- $6 per square foot. Installations for woods in this category will set you back $0.99- $5 per square foot.
  • Medium price: American cherry, oak, and teak are some of the mid-priced varieties that fall in this group. Materials for such hardwood floors will cost you $2- $10 ( per square foot) and the installations are $2- $8 (per square foot).
  •  High price: High priced hardwood floors are those that incorporate exotic woods, for example, tigerwood, Brazilian walnut, cypress, and mahogany. The materials for such hardwood floors cost $4- $14 while installations go for $4-$8.

 Engineered wood flooring costs

It is a type of wood flooring made by bonding multiple layers of wood backing (lower-cost) to a real wood veneer. The variety of engineered hardwood offered in the market gives numerous options for those looking to install (even below ground level). It is a versatile, resilient option, which offers greater heat and moisture resistance.

Engineered hardwood pricing is as follows:

  • Low: Consists of basic engineered hardwood (three core layers) and a wood veneer layer (1/16-1/12 inch thick) on top. On average, materials cost $3-$5, while installations cost $3-$6.
  • Medium: Mid-ranged options are an upgrade of the low-cost ones and have a five-layer core with a thicker veneer. Per square foot, the materials amount to $5-$10 and installation is $3-$10.
  •  High: It’s characteristic for top-shelf engineered hardwood products to have a 1/6 inch thick top veneer and seven (or more) core layers below. Materials per square foot range from $8 to $13 while installation (also per square foot) ranges from $3 to $10

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