Granite has become one of the most popular materials for bathrooms and kitchen countertops as the neutral shade blends in well with most modern home designs. This material not only comes in different shades of white, black, pink, beige, grey and green but also offers durability and resistance to physical damage.

If you’re wondering how granite can be useful to your kitchen or bathroom, you may appreciate the information provided in here. Read on for some of the universal benefits of using granite countertops and tips on how to improve the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom with granite.

Granite is durable

As pointed out earlier, granite is one of the most durable choices of material for bathroom and kitchen countertops. It is arguably the hardest among stone-based options. It is highly resistant to chipping and scratching and can be sealed as well for additional strength. Consider hiring a professional to help with the sealing to avoid ruining the original aesthetic appeal of the granite.

Granite is resistant to dirt and bacteria

Thanks to the non-porous surface of sealed granite, water, and other fluids will not soak into your counter making it less susceptible to stubborn dirt and grime that is common in kitchen and bathroom countertops. Additionally, the smooth surface allows for easy cleaning of your countertops, further reducing chances of bacteria attacking and thriving.

Scratches and chips on granite are easy to fix

If by accident you happen to scratch the surface of your kitchen countertop, you can have that easily fixed without leaving behind evidence of reparation. You can use special putty with the exact shade of the granite to smooth the surface before sealing it. For the best results, seek the services of a professional.

How to get the most out of granite

Since granite comes in many different shades, homeowners can easily incorporate more than one shade in their kitchen to come up with specific design styles. For instance, mixing dark gray or black cabinets with a gray granite countertop can add a feel of sophistication and chicness to the room.

Steel gray granite on the countertops matched with dark or light cabinets can bring a spectacular shade balance that will give your kitchen a modern look toned with airiness.

For anyone who wishes to use light grey granite but can’t figure out what to align it with, dark gray countertops can offer the solution. Black or dark gray countertops can also go well with brown cabinets, but this may depend on the material the cabinets are made of. Chocolate brown cabinets are great for a modern look while wood-brown combined with steel gray granite countertops will bring about a rustic look.

Granite over marble

Granite is considered a more practical choice for water-prone surfaces such as bathroom and kitchen countertops as they are non-porous. Marble is more pervious and can best be used in bedroom and living room floors. For the kitchen floor, you may have to consider another material other than the two as polished granite tends to be slippery when wet.